I Deserve Assyria

I bet you are thinking that is such a random thing to say. But it is so true. For the last 19 months, I have been studying through the Old Testament. It is taking me a long time, but it is wonderful. Leviticus and Numbers were not my favorite books to slog through but I have a deeper appreciation for them. History is miserable but without it I would have no idea what happened back then or why. Kings and Chronicles can be wordy and boring at times but they are jammed full of great things. Then there are the exciting things; those prophet guys that speak to the people what God has said and shown them. Now those are the things I could (and do) read about more than once. 

But I digress. Assyria, right. A big nation with a nasty temper and tendency to be known for its intense and graphic violence. Why do I deserve that? Because most days, I believe my name could be Israel. 19 months into the study and I am bouncing back and forth between the history of the kings of Israel and Judah (the Kingdom of Israel has been divided at this point for a few hundred years) and those crazy prophet guys: Micah, Amos, and Isaiah mostly. Let me tell you, reading about some of these kings makes me glad that I am not living back then but what I am finding more and more through my study is that I might as well be as I find so much of myself in them. 

Israel is faithless. 

She has been subject to more evil kings than good. Even when good kings do rule, the people often do not comply. They have been unrepentant for years. Idolatry is running rampant. There are strongholds in Israel that have led the people to pervert justice and oppress their brothers. Hedonism seems to be the principle of choice. God's patience is coming to its end. That is not to say God is becoming impatient, He is simply coming to the point where patience is giving way to His just wrath. He has warned Israel of the consequences that should follow if they did not repent, yet those warnings fell on deaf ears. Assyria is waiting

So, how am I anything like Assyria? Well, you see, I am sinful. No I do not have a shrine full of idols I am worshiping in nor do I have my brother enslaved to my demands. I am not pardoning the guilty and accusing the poor based on bribes. But there is one thing.

I am faithless.

What an ugly thing to say. God has been so good to me and He is faithful. He promises good and delivers. Over and over and over. Why am I ungrateful? Why am I forgetful? Because I am human. God gets that, so He graciously sends warnings; He sends people or signs to tell me that if I do not stop and return to Him, justice will be served. Do I listen? Nope. Israel, I mean Hannah, just keeps doing the same stuff. His warnings fall on deaf ears. Assyria is waiting.

God will not hold His patience forever. The time of His wrath will come and His wrath does not end until justice is served and His anger is satisfied. The length of my sins matters not, for it is the severity of the crime and the attitude of my heart that determines the "sentence" that the Judge will pass. I am guilty. I am faithless. Assyria is waiting. Repentance is necessary.