Life, Death, and the Space Between

Life. . .a heartbeat, a breath, a cry. A baby, alive in its mother’s womb, born of its mother; the seed of two people coming together. Life begins before we enter this earth.

Death. . .no more heartbeat, no more breathing, no more sound. A person’s life ends on earth in a moment.

The space in between. . .we call the process of minutes passed “life”, but I think we should call it living instead.

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A Certain Love

I have been doing a few studies lately and they have divinely all been about the love of God. In this time of life, it is definitely God's hand. I tend to struggle with insecurities focused on identity. And God's love is the truth I have to cling to in order to combat that. In reflection of my last few lessons here is just a little something God laid on my heart. 

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The Friday we Call "Good"

The Friday we call "Good" is actually the worst. It is the best and worst day in history that tells of the best and worst death in history. This is part of an entire study I have doing since Wednesday, March 21. I have published nothing so far but this. Perhaps I will put more out from the rest of the study but for now, I at least give you this. 
*Disclaimer: notes from classes at WOL have been used in looking through these events. I have also in some areas (mostly dialogue but also some interaction) used my creative license. There also are no pictures so as not to distract from the story written.

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It's Long. . .but so is a Marathon

I went to bed last night and woke up this morning in a significant amount of pain. My knees are very sore. The weird part (for me): it is from running. If you know me, you know I do not like to run. The only incentive I had for running in high school was during rugby and that incentive was tackling the person with the ball. However, a little over a year ago, a friend of mine was inspired by someone we both know to be brave and daring. She prayed a bold prayer and cast a broad vision. Several months later she saw the benefits of her obedience to what could now be seen as God's call for her in a specific ministry; running a marathon to help people in India. 

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An Apology to Many


This is rather difficult to write. My heart is heavy and my mind is full. This election has tainted the moods of every American in one way or another. There is unrest and anger and hurt and fear. Politics are such a loaded topic. Writing about them, expressing an opinion regarding them can be terrifying. People seem to lose all tact, reason, and kindness during these months. But I pray that the outpouring of my heart will not be misunderstood as hate speech, nor as an easing of conscience, nor even as a farce or glossing over of real trials. Rather, I pray that these words will be as much of a challenge to anyone that reads them as they have been to me.  

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