It's all About Perspective


Fear. A common emotion initiated by a vast number of stimuli. As humans, we fear many things. A simple google search can produce many of those fears easily.

Perfection. Ever since I was young, I have been meticulous. When working on projects, I would describe myself as a perfectionist. While I would not go as far as to say that perfectionism is an obsessive behavior, it can and sometimes does alter how I operate. As a perfectionist, I fear imperfection - that is to say, I fear to fail. Quick analyses show all the potential obstacles that I could run into during the process. In an attempt to work them out before I start (so as to avoid said problems), the task may take much longer than anticipated or in extreme cases it may never even start.

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Healing in the Midst of Sorrow


There are seasons in life which will be difficult. Some of the difficulty of these seasons are multiplied by the unexpected nature with which they come. Over the past month, I have been convicted in the area of prayer. Initially, this conviction was spurred by my prayers for a young 5 year old boy fighting against leukemia. . .for the second time in his young life. 

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