Life, Death, and the Space Between

Life. . .a heartbeat, a breath, a cry. A baby, alive in its mother’s womb, born of its mother; the seed of two people coming together. Life begins before we enter this earth.

Death. . .no more heartbeat, no more breathing, no more sound. A person’s life ends on earth in a moment.

The space in between. . .we call the process of minutes passed “life”, but I think we should call it living instead.

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It's all About Perspective


Fear. A common emotion initiated by a vast number of stimuli. As humans, we fear many things. A simple google search can produce many of those fears easily.

Perfection. Ever since I was young, I have been meticulous. When working on projects, I would describe myself as a perfectionist. While I would not go as far as to say that perfectionism is an obsessive behavior, it can and sometimes does alter how I operate. As a perfectionist, I fear imperfection - that is to say, I fear to fail. Quick analyses show all the potential obstacles that I could run into during the process. In an attempt to work them out before I start (so as to avoid said problems), the task may take much longer than anticipated or in extreme cases it may never even start.

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Sitting with Salim


He stood only about 5'5" and was of an average build. His face, while I could tell he was older still looked youthful and full of life.
"I am Salim, pleased to meet you."
Returning his greeting I awaited his initiative for salutatory actions. Without offering his hand, he led me down the hallway and into a small library where he told me to look at any literature I pleased until he returned. After leafing through several Qur'ans of different translations, Salim returned and showed me into the prayer room of the mosque. He turned a chair to face mine and sat when I was seated. Our question and answer session was about to begin.

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I Deserve Assyria


I bet you are thinking that is such a random thing to say. But it is so true. For the last 19 months, I have been studying through the Old Testament. It is taking me a long time, but it is wonderful. Leviticus and Numbers were not my favorite books to slog through but I have a deeper appreciation for them. History is miserable but without it I would have no idea what happened back then or why. Kings and Chronicles can be wordy and boring at times but they are jammed full of great things. Then there are the exciting things; those prophet guys that speak to the people what God has said and shown them. Now those are the things I could (and do) read about more than once. 

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